Here you will find short interviews by our reporter about current issues from politics and society.


The Polish crusade


                        reporter links               Our reporter takes up  Mr. Krukowski's statement. He is a commander of a paramilitary unit in Poland and supporter of controlled borders. "It is this situation with the refugees, isn't it? They negate the Christian society (...) Here in Poland they have no chance, though.
Afterwards our reporter asks the Christianity's supreme commander whether such measures are adequate.                                                                
"Lord, what say you about the deployment of paramilitary units in Poland in order to protect the border as well as the Christian society?"
Jesus: "Oh, drop it! Something has been totally misunderstood here! In Germany I have to be hung everywhere, in Poland they take my cross away! I will flee to Switzerland! There I will have some peace and quiet!"



Söder's crusade

      reporter links          kreuzinstaatsbehoerden      
What do you think about having been crucified once and now you are to be hung again? As if it were not enough having been hung once on the cross!
Now, I will bore to death hanging around the Bavarian administrations!



Infrastructure Digitization

reporter links   After having cleared all possible open issues and doubts in the best interest of all parties, the new Government starts the new perior taking care of the most new and essential topics on the to-do list:

digitalisierung01               digitalisierung02  All good things come in threes. And also this third time the legendary German working style will confirm its reputation through an excellent team work with the new coalition:



Spanish deadlock

Election in Spain 2016
After a second election round the Spanish politicians do not to manage to reach a consensus and a third election at the end of the year seems to be the only option.
Our reporter asks the Catalan Prime Minister for a statement on the situation.

spanienwahl201601          spanienwahl201602

Reporter: "Prime Minister Puigdemont, could you give us your statement on the current political standstill?"
Puigdemont: "Either they hurry or we will end up the job ourselves".


PS: Thanks to Pastry Shop Mont and Sons for the ingredients



Suspicious mosque

Reporter: A Police commando investigates the Ibrahim-Al-Khalid-Mosque in Berlin-Tempelhof. The Imam is suspected of having recruited voluntaries for the Syria war...


polizei moschee01

The police officers courteously entered the mosque wearing socks, as indicated on the signs at the entrance.

polizei moschee02




Reporter: "Mr. Blatter, where do you stand on the accusations of corruption within the FIFA?"

Herr Blatter: "I don't know what you are talking about".


Cyber attack

Reporter: Ms. Minister of Defence, would you like to give your statement about the recent cyber attack against the German Government?

Ms. Minister (alias "Flintstone Ursula"): We must absolutely enable our Army to play a stronger role against cyber attacks."


 cyberangriff fragevdleyencyberangriff

President elected Trump


The press is concerned about some issues of the elected President Trump's non-existent government strategy.

Crucial: who will style the First Lady Melania Trump? Up to date most mode designers declined to offer her their mode designs.

melania trump

Border Mexico-USA: due to budget constraints, the planned wall, which was to be paid by Mexico, will be erected with more economical materials.

Mexico USA mauer

Will President Trump's deep admiration towards President Putin be confirmed by a brotherly kiss such as that of Breznev and Honecker?

bruderkuss putin trump


During the election campaign in 2016...

Reporter: Mr. Trump, on what grounds or principles do you base your proposal for immigration policy?

Mr. Trump: On my great idea! I won't let one single alien come in! Just like in Game of Thrones! All of them stay off the wall! Bro am I great!


a trump frage b trump antwort

Human Rights Report

Reporter: USA State Department published today its annual report on human rights in the world, showing the balance of all countries except for... USA. The USA Government states that issues such as corruption among public servants, abuse to  inmigrants and asylum seekers as well as violence against women, children and minorities are the main problems in Spain regarding human rights.

01menschenrechts bericht    melilla zaun

Is this the answer to the highly intelligent comments and proposals by Mr. Trump (a particularly foreigner-friendly candidate), applicant to the presidential candidature in the USA? (Spain thanks by the way for the advice).


b trump antwort


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